Bootleg, (1438 Myrtle Ave, New York, New York) w/Moral Panic & Jonny Couch

FB event page: events/511113843034012/

From the FB event page: "It's time for yet another rager at BOOTLEG BAR in honor of HALLOWEEN! To ensure maximum debauchery as usual there's a great line up of bands plus TWO of New York's finest disc slingers! The bands this year consist of JONNY COUCH and a second helping of MORAL PANIC from SLOVENLY RECORDS after they totally crushed it at the anniversary party last year. PLUS! A super special treat! NASALROD featuring the legendary SPIT STIX from the one and only FEAR will be in town from Portland, Oregon! This band also features JONNY COUCH'S twin brother! The DJs on duty that night will be DREW REDMOND from SLEAZE TO PLEASE and REYES RODRIGUEZ from BORDER BEAT. This is gonna be one for the ages! Prepare for some severe brain damage! For those of you who are unaware of what these bands sound like refer below":MORAL PANIC COUCH