"Honestly, these cats have a sound all their own."

Portland Mercury (profile article)

"They're a band of musical masterminds that can't be caught..."

Willamette Week (profile article)

"Truly, Nasalrod is a group of four convivial nutcases..."

The Deli Magazine

"Fun like rock 'n' roll should be...a damn tight and heavy act...they bring a new sound to the table..."

The Inlander

"Nasalrod is heavy, no question about that, but that weight is offered up with a pound of fun."

Weekly Volcano (Olympia, WA)

"The one thing that you need to know is that they're a lot of goddamn fun...impossibly energetic music."

Raw Power Writings

"Caught me completely off guard and rocked my face off thoroughly...powerful, frenetic, and explosive...genre bending awesomeness."


“Vocalist and frontman Chairman alone is worth the trek out..."

Live Music Seattle

"This band does not believe in boring; their set was dynamic, energetic, and always engaging..."

Salem Weekly

"They must be seen...a crazy delight to watch and listen to."

Rip City Review

"Nasalrod continues to draw in crowds with music that is both loud and rambunctious, meditative and cathartic."

Portland Mercury

"Add to the equation the legendary Spit Stix, ex-drummer for Fear, and you have an outfit that will rock your world in every way."

Portland Mercury

The four-piece covers a ton of ground in a short amount of time, blending power-rock and hardcore punk in an epic display...a mind-boggling percussion work-out."

Portland Mercury

“Flying kicks and leaps from the stage are frequent, and spectacular..."